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Woven Cultures

Discover Saraaya’s contemporary couture: a dance between tradition and modernity; aesthetics and comfort; grace and power. Our clothing is a harmonious assemblage of traditional african woven loincloth and global materials that ultimately crafts a new heritage: one full of vivid colors, asymmetrical shapes and vibrant prints. Made of Senegal, made for the world.

Woven Facets of You

Sarayaa’s warrior story has long lived in the threads of traditional woven loincloth. Just like any warrior, we invite you to bring everything that you are: your courage, insecurities, your passions, your fears and your love. Not just your best self. This is a safe space. Only together, can we create a collective spirit that inspires a life of unapologetic self expression.

Woven Just for You

Our studio offers limited quantities of our merchandise. Every style available is only recreated several times, always made to order. Subject to availably, fabric choices for a particular style may vary. In any event, we will be working closely with you once an order is made, to ensure our shared vision comes to life.